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Howdy Partner! I'm Chelsea Liz, Twitch & Tiktok streamer, photographer, video creator, & horse girl. I'm creating a kind community of gamers that uplift diverse & marginalized voices.

Hi, My Name is ChelseaLiz.

Twitch Streamer •  LGBTQIA+ • Horse Game Enthusiast
Passionate Gamer • Promoting Diversity in Video Games

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1.4k Twitch •  15.5 k TikTok • 808 Twitter •  1.3k YouTube • 18.3k Instagram

It's great to meet you! My name is Chelsea Liz, and I'm more than just your average streamer, photographer, and horse girl. I'm on a mission to create a welcoming community of passionate gamers that celebrate diversity and uplift marginalized voices.

For me, gaming is more than just a hobby – it's a powerful platform for bringing people together, connecting with others who share our interests, and making a difference!  That's why I'm committed to creating a space that's inclusive, supportive, and fun for everyone.

So whether you're a seasoned gamer or just starting out, come join the fun and help me build a community that's all about positivity, creativity, and of course, hilarious gameplay.

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