Born in Chicago, IL
Lives & Works out of St. Louis, MO

Some people just never outgrow the horse-crazy phase and I am definitely one of those people. As a child I was always playing with Beryers and Grand Champions, I would trot around at recess pretending to be Black Beauty, and each night I would fall asleep in a bed full of horse plushies.

Honestly, although I'm all grown up...not much has changed. I still have some of my Bryers displayed in my office and I've upgraded my toy horses to the real thing! 

As an equestrian myself, I opened Chelsea Liz Photography with one goal in mind...To capture the bond between you and your horse. 

As a published equine photographer, I want to document your unique story through long-lasting images, whether it's that special relationship with your heart horse, to the exciting adventure of a new friendship, or even saying goodbye to a lifelong companion. I'm here to help you celebrate your special relationship and create tangible memories that will last for years to come. 

Published Work

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