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Horsepower: How Red Dead Redemption 2 Became the Best Horse Game, Even Though It Wasn't Meant to Be

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open-world, action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar Games. While the game is best known for its immersive storytelling, captivating characters, and stunning landscapes, it's also widely regarded as one of the best horse games ever created. The game's horses are so well-realized and engaging that they have become a cornerstone of the game's culture and community. In this post, we'll explore why RDR2 is the best horse game, even though it wasn't intended to be a horse game, and how The Rift Trails discord community has come to appreciate this part of the game.

Realistic Horses

Red Dead Redemption 2's horses are some of the most lifelike and realistic animals in any video game. They have distinct personalities, behaviors, and animations that make them feel like they're real animals, and not just pieces of code. Horses are also incredibly well-integrated into the game's world, whether it's the way they interact with the environment or how they respond to different situations. This level of realism and detail has made the horses one of the game's most beloved features.

Variety of Breeds

One of the things that make RDR2's horses stand out is the variety of breeds available. From the sturdy and dependable draft horses to the swift and nimble Arabians, players can choose a horse that suits their playstyle and preferences. The game also allows for a range of customization options, such as adding saddles, stirrups, and other accessories, which can enhance the horse's performance and style.

Horse Bonding

Another key feature of RDR2's horses is the bonding system. As players spend more time with their horses, they can build a bond, which increases the horse's health, stamina, and speed. The bond also affects the horse's behavior and responsiveness, making it an essential part of the game's world. This system has made the horses feel like real companions and has added another layer of depth to the game.

Community Appreciation Despite not being intended as a horse game, the community has come to appreciate RDR2's horses, building entire communities around trail riding. From completely filling lobbies and to sharing screenshots and videos of their horses, players have formed a deep attachment to these virtual animals. This appreciation has also led to the creation of mods (in story mode only), which allow players to further customize and enhance their horse's appearance and performance.

In conclusion, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best horse game, even though it wasn't intended to be one. The game's horses are some of the most lifelike and realistic animals in any video game, with distinct personalities and behaviors that make them feel like real animals. The variety of breeds, customization options, and horse bonding system add another layer of depth and immersion to the game. The community's appreciation for the horse part of the game has only added to its allure and charm, making RDR2 a must-play for any horse game enthusiast or anyone who appreciates the art of gaming. To join The Rift Trails: & Watch Trail Rides and Horse Game Content Live:


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