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Top 5 Horse Riding Apps for Equestrians

Top 5 Horse Riding Apps for Equestrians

In the world of equestrian sports, technology has revolutionized how riders train, care for their horses, and connect with the community. Whether you're a competitive rider or a recreational enthusiast, there's an app designed to enhance your riding experience. Here, we explore the top five horse riding apps that every equestrian should consider downloading on their phone.

Developed by Dr. Doug Thal, a veterinarian with a lifelong dedication to equine health, the Horse Side Vet Guide is an essential tool for any horse owner. This app provides a wealth of information right at your fingertips, offering quick access to health information, emergency guidelines, and instructional videos. Whether you need to perform a Whole Horse Exam or give an intramuscular injection, this app guides you through the process with step-by-step videos and a comprehensive health care guide. Its ability to function offline makes it incredibly useful in remote areas or situations where internet access is compromised


Equilab is not just a tracking app; it's a comprehensive tool that uses the sensors in your smartphone or Apple Watch to monitor and analyze every ride. This app tracks distance, speed, gait, and more, providing insights into your training sessions and progress over time. With features like safety tracking, which alerts your contacts if you stop moving, and community engagement options, Equilab is perfect for riders who value safety and social interaction. Its ability to integrate with health apps also helps riders monitor their fitness levels.

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Ridely offers a unique combination of features that cater to goal-oriented riders. With access to over 450 training videos and personalized training programs, this app is like having a coach in your pocket. Whether you're preparing for a show or looking to improve your skills, Ridely helps you set goals, track progress, and stay motivated. The app's community features allow you to connect with other riders, making it a great tool for learning and sharing experiences


Equus Note is designed for the meticulous equestrian who loves to keep detailed records. This digital journal app allows you to track your riding sessions, horse health, and management tasks all in one place. With features like GPS tracking for rides and health appointment reminders, Equus Note helps ensure that nothing is overlooked. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to log daily activities and monitor your horse's condition and training progress.

Created by Elaine Heney for horse rides who believe in listening to the horse. Track your progress with your horse and enjoy the fantastic features of the HorseStrides horse riding tracker app. With our app, you can document your groundwork and riding sessions each day, using a GPS map tracker to save and track all your rides. Enhance your riding skills with custom-designed audio lessons, and listen to equestrian meditations and music while you ride. Have fun with our unique flatwork floor plans and polework riding exercises. Monitor your monthly trends and horse riding improvements, making it perfect for all disciplines of riders, including English, Western, showjumping, and competitive disciplines.

Download the free HorseStrides app for iPhone and start improving your riding experience today! Elaine created other horse riding apps as well!


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