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Unbridled: That Horse Game // Review

Unbridled: That Horse Game - A Stirring Ride into Early Access Bliss 🐴✨

Riding the horse I designed in That Horse Game
The Horse I designed in That Horse Game is an Amber Champagne Appaloosa :)

Howdy, fellow horse game enthusiasts! If you're anything like me, your love for equines extends beyond the stables and into the virtual world. Today, I want to share my exciting experience with a game that has been on my radar for quite some time – "Unbridled: That Horse Game." After diving into the Closed Beta, early access version, I'm thrilled to say it's a must-play for anyone with a passion for horses or horse games.

A Long-Awaited Gallop

Jumping my horse in That Horse Game
Jumping in an arena

As someone who reviews horse games and creates horse content, "Unbridled" has been on my watchlist for a while. The moment it hit early access, I couldn't resist the temptation to immerse myself in a world that promised realistic horse mechanics and unparalleled customization options. And let me tell you, it didn't disappoint. You can design your horse and ride it in the beta version of the game. The horse mechanics are, in a word, amazingggg! It plays somewhat similarly to Star Stable Online, with a familiar UI, but with Red Dead-style horse mechanics, adding a level of immersion that horse enthusiasts will appreciate.

Designing your Dream Horse

The standout feature of "Unbridled" lies in its dedication to realism. The developers have poured thought and creativity into crafting a beautiful and original horse model. This game goes beyond a mere horse creator; it allows you to design your dream horse and then take it for a spin in various activities, from show jumping courses to a cross-country adventure.

The game doesn't stop at surface-level customization. The attention to detail in horse genetics is a horse lover's dream come true. With a ton of realistic coats, colors, and markings, each horse becomes a unique work of art. And the promise of future features like breeding adds an exciting layer of anticipation for what's to come.

Navigating the Beta Landscape

Of course, being in beta means there are a few bugs to navigate. I encountered some menu glitches that required a restart, but fear not – the auto-save feature ensured I never lost any progress. What's cool is, each login brought a change to the loading screen, a small touch that added a personal feel to the overall experience. I could see the character I created and my horse when I logged onto the game. It was a really nice personal touch.

A quick tip for fellow players: when building a fence, make sure to direct your gaze straight down at the wood to trigger the construction button. It's a minor hiccup, but a heads up can save you some frustration.

Embracing the Future of Equine Gaming

An Amber Champagne Appaloosa from Unbrided That horse Game
Schrute - The Amber Champagne Appaloosa who loves Beets :D

While "Unbridled" may lack human-riding animations in its current state, this small hiccup doesn't diminish the overall enjoyment. The game runs smoothly, and the rapid loading times (especially on a high-end PC) keep the frustration at bay. As an early access player, I'm excited about the potential for growth and improvement.

Riding my horse in That Horse Game
You can Ride Around Outside

In conclusion, "Unbridled: That Horse Game" is a promising venture into the world of equestrian gaming. With impressive horse mechanics, extensive customization options, and a myriad of exciting horseback riding activities

So, fellow horse lovers, saddle up and join me on this thrilling journey through the enchanting world of "Unbridled." Happy riding!


Horse Jumping Cross Country Jump in That Horse Game

Unbridled: That Horse Game is a horse simulation game for Windows PC that dives players into the world of horse ownership and equestrian adventures. From realistic horse care to exploring a beautifully detailed world, it offers an authentic experience like no other. Cultivate land, breed horses, compete, or just enjoy horseback riding. You can create your own horse paradise. Challenge yourself to improve your skills, earn money, and beautify your estate. Get the ultimate horse experience, giving you the freedom to chase your aspirations and weave a unique tale, unrestricted by obligatory story quests! Join Unbridled: That Horse Game Discord:

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