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Equestrian Inspired Decor Ideas and Tips to Plan Your Space

Regardless of your personal vibe, whether that be more Rustic Farmhouse or Modern Equestrian, whether you ride English or Western, or just love horses... we can all agree on one thing...Horses are AMAZING! -- And probably take up a large part of our lives and define a part of who we are.

So what better way to pay tribute to the animal you love while celebrating your passion then decorating your interior spaces with some equestrian decor!

I've designed this article to help inspire & guide you into creating some really special interiors.

Step 1

It doesn't matter if you are redoing your living room, bathroom, or office before you get started it's best to have a solid plan and decide on the type of decor you'd like to use!

I suggest gathering inspiration for your space - and what better place to look than Pinterest?

Create a board and have fun adding images to get an overall sense of what you are drawn too! - Once you are finished (And I suggest doing this over a matter of a few days or weeks) look at the photos as a whole....are they bright and airy? Dark and moody? Are the colors more neutrals or do have you have pops of color?

Step 2

Evaluate how you will use your space. Design the space to be functional for YOU. Write down what elements you need for your space to be practical and useful on a day to day basis.

For instance, if you are redoing your home office, are you wanting an inviting place to entertain clients, or do you just need a space to help inspire and motivate you to be productive while working from home?

If you are wanting to update your living room design, are you wanting a more formal space for formal entertaining or will it mostly be used for family movie and game nights?

Step 3

Measure your space. - I know some might be tempted to skip this but don't! You need to make sure that the couch your trying to bring through the front door actually fits! It doesn't have to be a super professional sketch but at least get the measurements of walls, windows, and doors, so you have an idea of what will fit.

Step 4

Start with one "mane" statement piece.

The statement piece is usually a piece of wall art or decor that grabs your attention and is the focal point of the room. It can have a special meaning, maybe it's a large print of your own horse or a piece you love from your favorite artist. This piece should inspire you and set the overall tone.

Step 5

Gather the rest of your items. Create or purchase items that are cohesive to the original "statement piece". Build your design around it.

Create another mood board on Pinterest to get a good sense of what works and what doesn't before you buy or diy.

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